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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose an Independant Insurance Agent?
An independant insurance agent can help you through the entire process from obtaining your insurance quotes, advising as to what coverages are and what limits are needed for each individual customer and assisting customers through the claims process in the unfortunate event of a homeowners, automobile or commercial insurance claim. As your agent, CIG, Inc. will work to provide you with outstanding customer service and guidance through the entire process. We pride ourselves on being an outstanding resource for all your insurance needs.

Can I shop around for auto insurance rates in Massachusetts?
Beginning April 1, 2008, all licensed Massachusetts Drivers are now able to contact different insurance companies to obtain personal automobile insurance quotations. When calling any agency, it is important to provide the same limits, coverages and terms as before and to make sure to provide a complete 6-year driving history for every household member that also holds an active driver’s license.

I will be renting a car; Do I need to purchase additional insurance from the rental co.?
If the car rental is being rented as a replacement vehicle as the result of being involved in an auto accident, then the same coverages you have on the damaged car will be the same limits on the rental car and you do not need to purchase additional insurance.

If the car rental is to have a car while on vacation, while your car is not available or the need to have another vehicle for a few days, then the driver listed on the rental agreement does not need to purchase liability as long as an active Massachusetts Personal Automobile Insurance policy is available. However, the driver must purchase Collision, termed the Collision Waiver. Some credit cards will act as a “shadow” and allow the driver to decline the coverage, but will step in, should a claim arise. Not all credit card companies offer the coverage and some will only cover certain types of rentals. It is always best to call the credit card company and ask for customer service. Ask the representative if they will pick up the collision waiver. Be sure to write down the rep’s name, time and date you called for future reference if necessary.

I am renting a hall for a family event; Do I need to purchase additional liability Insurance?
If the person (s) signing the contract have a homeowners policy, such as a home, apartment or condominium , then the liability from the homeowners company should transfer without a fee to any rented facility as long as no alcohol is sold for a fee. It is always best to call the agent to make sure the limits of liability on the policy as adequate for the rental. Increasing the limits is very inexpensive.

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I have refinanced my home; do I need to inform CIG of the new mortgagee?
When refinancing your home, your lender will require you to obtain an insurance form called an Insurance Binder. This is a very common form that is completed in our agency every day. It is very easy for our office to communicate with your lender to obtain the necessary information to create the insurance binder. Please call or e-mail our office with the name of the lender, a contact, telephone number and best time to reach the lender. You will need to provide to our office the closing date of the loan and if you are either replacing an existing loan or adding another loan to your property.

I have remodeled my home. Do I need to increase my homeowners property coverage?
When a home is insured, it is insured to be replaced should a catastrophic loss occur. It is a requirement of your insurance company that your home be insured to value. This is the replacement value, not the assessed value and not the market value. When an addition is added to a home, the overall construction value is increased. When certain rooms are updated or appliances changed, the value of the dwelling and contents need to be changed to make sure that the value insured against is the true replacement value of the home and its contents. In order to ensure that your home is insured to the correct value, we ask that you please inform us of any additionals or major renovations that take place.

I currently have auto insurance with one company and homeowners with another. Can I get a discount if I have both policies with the same company?
All of our companies offer a 10% discount if your primary residence and your cars are insured in the same company. Massachusetts policies must use separate policies for your autos and your residence. The same company can insure everything, just with different policy numbers and on different forms.

In addition, most insurance company now also offer additional auto discounts and new coverages under the 2008 Auto Reform. An example is that is you purchase a brand-new vehicle in 2008, replacement coverage is now available for the next 4 consecutive policy year. In addition, Gap insurance is now available in Massachusetts using your own personal auto insurance. You no longer have to purchase this coverage through dealers.

The same discounts still apply under the older Auto rules such as T-Pass Credit, Low Mileage Credit, Customer Loyalty, Good Payer Discount, Anti-Theft Discounts, Passive Restraint Discount, Senior Citizen Discount, Driver’s Education Discount. Every Massachusetts Auto Company offers different discounts. It’s best to call to inquire what each company can apply to your auto insurance coverage and premium.


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